The Purpose of My Website


My name is Karen, and, sadly, my Lyme story is all too common. Because I had not only worked in the medical field but also in the pharmaceutical industry, I thought I would have been well-informed about Lyme disease.  It wasn’t until I personally experienced it, walking into a world that is highly misunderstood, that I realized how wrong I was.  Even with this kind of work experience and the benefit of two degrees from an Ivy League Institution, I had many misimpressions.  After discovering the truth, I decided that when I was well, I needed to become active in public awareness, education and advocacy so that others did not have to experience what I experienced.

I developed this website for similar reasons:

1) I want to share my journey so that if you are suffering with Lyme and you are feeling alone, you will know that you are not;

2) I want to provide information to you, a fellow Lyme sufferer, so that you can be informed and get the right kind of treatment; and

3) I want to point you to resources so that as you are coming out the other side, you are better equipped to enable change in your own community, wherever that might be.

5) I want to provide listings of reputable medical resources and conferences to you if you are a healthcare practitioner wanting to know more about diagnosing and treating this disease;

4) I want to use it for others to be able to donate towards my treatment so that I can come out on the other side as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will provide you the answers or direct you to someone who can. Others did this for me when I was new to the Lyme world, and I want to do the same for you.

Most importantly, hold on to hope. Together we can work to bring an end to this dreaded disease.


24 thoughts on “Home

  1. Karen- thank you for sharing your story– I know it will inspire others who suffer from Lyme. I recall a verse that says “two are better than one, if one falls down, his friend can help him back up.” Remember that your friends are on this journey with you and will help you back up. MT


  2. After battling Chronic Lyme myself WITH Karen – it is so GOOD to see an encouraging and honest attempt to let us walk with our precious friend through her treatment and recovery! I am passing this on to 2 new Lyme friends here in the deep south. They too need Karen’s story and will find it giving them hope in their battle and treatment.


  3. Karen,
    I am so proud of you for starting this blog! It is beautiful!
    Thank you for inviting me to see it. ;-)
    Now I will know even more how to pray for you!
    I hope that one day you and I will be able to meet face to face!
    Much love,


  4. Karen, your page excudes the beauty God has blessed you inside and out. From your picture in that gorgeous garden, to the peony flowers, to your words of God shared; you are beautiful. My heart was encouraged immensely, and I know that so many others, be the going through Lymes or just life in general, will also be given that hope that fire beyond all understanding. Karen, I pray that in your obedience to what the Lord has given you, that this last round of treatments will bless you with that gift of health. The Lord knows the desires of your heart, may He grant each and everyone of them to you.
    Your sister in Christ Always,


  5. Karen, What a beautiful website & blog. How great it will be for the many who love and care about you, that they will be able to follow your progress, and know how to pray. What an inspiration you are to those who are blessed to know you….


  6. Karen, prayers and positive thoughts are being sent to you! You are such a giving person; even in your toughest times you are still trying to help others. All the best! xo Maureen


  7. Hi Karen!
    I just want to let you know that you are loved so much and are prayed for and I am trusting that this treatment is going to be what is going to get you feeling so much better!!! I want you to know that I am here for you and if you need anything or anyone to talk to you can always call me or message me. It’s NOT easy to go through what you’re going through and I will help you in any way that I can. And always remember that God is with you and He will always give you the strength to make it through, even if you think you can’t!!!
    You are such a beautiful person..inside and out, Karen, and I am SO excited to see how God is using you to help others. Also I’m excited to see what He will do with what you’ve been going through because none of it will be in vain. I promise! :-)

    much love,


  8. Karen. You have always been a beautiful person. It is just like you to share your journey so that others may be encouraged. I will pray that this treatment gives you the gift of good health. Xoxo


  9. Dear Karen … I’m praying that this treatment restores your health. Thank you for sharing how your faith has helped you through tough times. Your journey is inspring and encouraging. You have been a great blessing to me! Love, Karen Krause


  10. I was undiagnosed for 5 and now in my 5th yr of treatment with Dr. Norton Fishman in Rockvill, MD.. I’ll soon be retiring to Altoona, PA area and will needto find a good LLMD there. Any suggestions?


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