It’s a Marathon not a Race

imageIt’s always interesting when your doctor tells you, “This will be the hardest month.” I saw Dr. Jemsek for my 6-month checkup on Thursday, May 1, the first day of National Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Dr. Jemsek was pleased that I have been tolerating the treatment so well, and warned me that the 6th month treatment would be the most difficult of any of the months. He explained that we would be doing heavy biofilm busting the first week of the protocol and lots of clean-up the second week. The third week will include heavy hitting of Babesia. This will result in attacking the bacteria that have been in hiding and killing them.

The first week I will be doing the same protocol that I did the beginning of my 5th month (IV Merrem with IV Tygacil on Monday, Wednesday, Friday) but will be adding a new drug called Rifabutrin, which targets Bartonella. The second week, which will be the worst, I will be infusing IV Merrem and IV Cipro in the morning and IV Merrem and IV Tygacil in the evening consecutively from Sunday morning through Thursday evening.

Several have asked me if the treatment is working. I see that it is because I see certain symptoms slowly improve. When I asked Dr. Jemsek this question, he said that the analogy of a cancer patient getting chemo is the best answer to that question. He said, “This process is associated with toxicity. We are using powerful agents to kill something in your body that is powerful and toxic. The patient may get really sick during treatment but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. The full improvement and recovery comes months after you are off the IV antibiotics, just like chemo.” Makes sense to me!

I started my first dose of IV Merrem and Tygacil last night and my head is woozy and dizzy, and my stomach is queasy but if I stay absolutely still, I am ok. Due to these symptoms I cannot write much more at the moment.

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.  I am hopeful that I’m almost there!!

Almost There!!

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