Survey for is trying to collect data for a document they intend to give to the FDA. I encourage those who have Lyme disease to fill out this survery to help them.

The current FDA approved tests for Lyme disease are notoriously insensitive and have been shown to miss more than 50% of Lyme disease cases. Currently, the FDA has approved 84 Lyme tests, which are produced by 28 companies. Approximately 90% of these are ELISA tests, which researchers have found to be too insensitive to be used for screening.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed regulating Lyme diagnostic tests. The types of lab tests the FDA is considering regulating include the Lyme tests manufactured by IGeneX that many patients rely on for accurate diagnosis. IGeneX and other labs like them will be the hardest hit by these regulations, which would leave only the FDA approved lab tests available to patients. Please help fight this fight on our behalf.

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