Lyme bacteria are known to form biofilms in order to protect themselves from attack. This is a great easy-to-understand video explaining how these biofilms work.



It is important to treat with a doctor who understands biofilms and knows how to prevent the bacteria from evading treatment by forming these clusters of biofilms. The more you can do to understand how Lyme bacteria works, the better equipped you will be to find a knowledgable doctor to treat you. One of the first questions you want to ask is, “Have you been ILADS trained?”

If your doctor does not know what this means, then make sure to ask him some follow-up questions before deciding to treat with him. Ask him whether or not he believes that there can be a more chronic form of Lyme disease and whether he thinks he is skilled in treating this form.

In addition, ask him if he is familiar with the different forms of the Lyme bacteria and if he uses the different antibiotics that kill each of these forms, including the biofilms. Busting open these biofilms is key to getting and staying well!


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