Cuomo signs bill safeguarding Lyme treatments

Good News for Lyme Disease Sufferers in the State of New York

PoughkeepsieDecember 18, 2014 — Doctors who prescribe longer courses of antibiotic treatments for Lyme disease have new protections under New York state law today.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill late Wednesday that prohibits the state Office of Professional Medical Conduct from investigating a licensed physician based solely upon the recommendation or provision of a treatment that is not universally accepted by the medical profession.
Click on Poughkeepsie Journal to read full article.

3 thoughts on “Cuomo signs bill safeguarding Lyme treatments

  1. My son is currently on an oral protocol with dr Jemsek. I so afraid that IV antibiotics are next. Do you truly feel better after having gone through all this with dr Jemsek?


    • Hi Susan,
      IV antibiotics through Dr. Jemsek really turned my life around. The treatment was not easy but it was necessary. I am not 100 percent better but I’ve definitely improved through his treatment. Dr. J is a wonderful man, and will not steer you wrong. I wish you the best as you navigate your son through these tough waters.


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