It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve published on this site. Thankfully, my absence has mostly been due to feeling well enough to enjoy life, including spending time with family and friends. But now that May has arrived and it’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time for me to start writing again.

I thought I would begin by explaining what is going on with me. Recently, I started noticing some symptoms coming back, so I spoke to my Lyme disease doctor in Washington D.C, who, after discussing it with me, ordered some tests. Within about three weeks, he’d confirmed I had a Babesia outbreak, one of the co-infections, and would have to stop my maintenance protocol and take a few cycles of stronger antibiotics, an anti-malarial, a product called Artemisia as well as a whole lot of supplements to help my immune system. My first round begins tomorrow.

Although this more recent setback is causing symptoms such as malaise, headaches, cold sweats, fevers, pain in my neck and shoulders and throbbing in the soles of my feet, I’m keeping a positive attitude. I’m focusing on the fact that my doctor assured me he expects good results. Once I complete this intensified protocol, I will be able to return to a maintenance protocol and eventually be finished with treatment. Yay!

So what is Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

Designed to educate and inform the public, Lyme Disease Awareness Month is filled with activities and events including walks, proclamations, and social media posts. To kick off last year’s celebration, I spent time with Radnor Studio 21 host John Ricciuti, sharing my story and discussing various methods of prevention. If you missed it, click below to watch.

And, if you missed my Lyme Disease Awareness month interview in the May 2014 issue of Main Line Today magazine, click here. The article was so popular that the editor published a follow-up article in the July issue called, “Lyme Disease Resonates with Readers,” featuring letters from readers. Hope you enjoy reading them!

With the beautiful weather beckoning all of us outdoors, please take the time to review my previous post, Lyme 101: Precautions and Prevention and look for regular posts on my site throughout the month on the many facets of Lyme Disease and treatment.

Here’s to a healthy and happy summer for all!