Fear Not

I love you and am caring for you even when you cannot understand.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

I know I have had a lot of fear as I’ve watched my health disintegrate and have had no control over it.  Thus, verses about fear make me stop, think and reflect. At times I have thought, “Well how can I not fear, look at what is happening to me. I know you are God and I do love you but what do I do about my current circumstances?”

This verse is particularly comforting to me because I think about the fact that God says this to the Israelites in quite perilous times. Nations were being captured and falling to enemies. The superpowers were crumbling, and other nations were vying for that spot. Poor Jerusalem is in the middle of this suffering the consequences of their own sin and the evil that is around them.

In some ways, this is very similar to our own circumstances both internally and outwardly.    We watch our health disintegrate, and we watch the America that we once knew as safe and strong changing.  We see external threats enter into our countries in ways we had never seen before. Children now have to have drills to be prepared for armed intruders and bomb scares. This, to me, seems in many ways, so similar to what the Israelites were in the middle of.  And yet He says to them, “Fear not, I am with you, I am your God.” In the mist difficult of circumstances where there are no answers, we can remember that the Great I Am is in it and For us.

It is difficult for our finite minds to comprehend that He could be for us while we watch things crumble. God knows our doubts and our fears because He made us.  He knows how we think, how we feel.  He knows this more than anyone else.  God knows the grief in our heart as we watch the things we once held dear being snatched from our hands. He knows the fear that instills in us. Will we ever get them back? Will it get worse? We are no longer self-reliant. In fact, we are at the mercy of others to care for us when we are so sick.

God does not give us answers to the questions we’d like answered.  Instead, He reminds us who He is and calls us to trust Him.  He says, ‘I Am the One who was here before the beginning of time.  I measured out the depths of the earth.  I am the one who determines the number of stars in the sky and calls them each by name.  I carry the lambs in my arms and save those who are crushed in spirit. I heal the brokenhearted and bandage up their wounds. The nations are as a drop in the bucket to me.’  Mighty in power, His understanding has no limit.

Wouldn’t you rather put your trust in Him when you are fearful knowing that when things seem out of control for us, our God is over them and steering all things for His purpose? We may not have all the answers but we know the One who does.

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