My Mission


My name is Karen and, sadly, my Lyme story is all too common. Because I had not only worked in the medical field but also the pharmaceutical industry, I thought I would have been well-informed about Lyme disease. Yet until I personally experienced Lyme — and consequently became a member of a highly misunderstood world — I hadn’t realized just how little I knew about this formidable disease. In spite of my work experience and the benefit of two degrees from an Ivy League Institution, I harbored many misconceptions about the scope and breadth of Lyme disease. After discovering the truth, I resolved to become an advocate for public awareness and education as soon as I recovered. My goal? To prevent others from having to endure the same hardships.

To that end, I also developed this website. Through the process of regular updates, I plan to:

1) share my journey with others who are suffering with Lyme and feeling alone so they will know we are in this together;

2) provide useful information to fellow Lyme sufferers to empower them to locate and obtain the right kind of treatment;

3) offer helpful resources to better equip Lyme disease patients to enact positive change within their communities (wherever they live) once they fully recover;

4) publish listings of reputable medical resources and conferences for healthcare practitioners seeking to learn more about diagnosing and treating Lyme disease;

5) create a vehicle for others to donate to the cost of my treatment, and enable me to make it to the other side, fully restored to health.

Read my story and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If I can’t provide the answers, I will direct you to someone who can. Countless others did this for me when I was new to the Lyme world, and I want to do the same for you.

Most importantly, hold on to hope! Together we can work to bring an end to this dreaded disease.